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"The Glamorous SoXial Life"

SoXialStar©™ (Fashion, Arts, & Entertainment)

• Mission: SoXialStar's mission is to ignite the INNER SoXialite within an Aspiring Star... Individuals with the passion for Fashion, Arts, & Entertainment. SoXialStar©™, represents a variety of tasteful "EDGY" street couture fashions, Visual Arts: (HAIR/MAKE-UP/ & STYLING CONCEPTS), Image Manipulations, & Graphic Designs that also incorporates the transcendence into its own BRAND. Last but not least a PHOTOGRAPHY LINE. Fashion Photography that is SoXialStar's brand extension, also known as SxS©™ Photography. Thus, incorporating the reputation of a "SoXial SoXialite!"

SoXialStar©™ Is Everything... It's You!

• Vision: SoXialStar's vision is to inspire a Glamorous & Luxiourious Brand that illustrates the lifestyle of the ultra suave "SoXial Scene" that is SoXialStar©™. Our vision is to collaborate a line of Fashion, Arts, & Entertainment that will be known as a one of a kind enterprise.

"Stay SoXial"

Joanne Agapinan (FOUNDER & CREATOR of SoXialStar©™)

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